Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Breaking Bad

The AMC series described by many TV critics as being on par with (if not better than) The Soprano's has but four episodes left to run.  Breaking Bad is delicately poised.  DEA Agent Hank Schrader knows that his brother-in-law Walter White (aka "Heisenburg") is the former meth kingpin of Albuquerque.  Jesse Pinkman knows that Walt tried to poison his girlfriends son and would appear to have told the DEA everything.  Walters wife Skylar knows the her duplicitous husband is still hanging around with the greatest lawyer (Saul Goodman) since Jackie Childs.  And finally our protagonist and one time chemistry teacher Walter White knows that the noose is tightening.  Everybody now knows everything - question is, how will it end?

Yet, the flash-forward from Season 5, Episode 9 "Blood Money" indicates Walter is alive and kicking - with hair - well into the future.  It is fascinating trying to guess how it will unfold.  Most likely in violence.  So many major characters have already met their demise through the machinations of Heisenberg:
  • Gus Fring, smooth proprietor of Pollos Hermanos.  Next time you are in a fried chicken joint, check out the buckets of batter.  Gus died a memorable death, with half his face missing.
  • Hector, aside from Chief in Cuckoo's Nest, this has to be the greatest non-speaking character ever on screen.  Willingly died with Gus. Ding, ding, ding.
  • Mike, a badass protector and Fring henchman but no match for Heisenberg.
  • Gale, a promising chemist, put out to pasture by Jesse (corrupted by Heisenberg)
  • Jane, Jesse's drug addled girlfriend - Heisenberg could have resuscitated her...
  • Those two silent, pointy-booted, scary-ass assassins from Mexico... 
  • The guy in the bathtub of acid
  • The kid in the desert
  • Mike's guys in jail... and how many more?

The last four episodes will be historic.  The tension is building.  The finale is to be shown Sept 29th and is entitled "Felina".  On the Ticket this evening, the Hard Line were doing their weekly Breaking Bad analysis.  Danny is of the opinion that Felina is a reference to the Marty Robbins song where the cowboy (Walt) dies in the arms of Felina (Skylar) and she takes her own life.

That's all fine and dandy, I want to know if Badger and Skinny Pete get to make their psychedelic Star Trek episode.  And for the love of Pedro, give Saul Goodman his own show.  For now, we will have to do with Better Call Saul.

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