Saturday, August 24, 2013

A week is a long time in politics, football, etc.

Tiny Little Baby Cannons Practicing a 4-4-10 Formation
Wenger gets a reprieve of sorts after two decent performances on the road.  Fenerbache showed little resistance on Wednesday night and were dispatched 3-0 (Gibbs, Ramsey, Giroud).  Only downside: Koscielny was maimed and came off early after a Turkish boot to the head. This morning, in the early game, Arsenal prevailed 3-1 over Fulham (Giroud, Podolski 2) with Aaron Ramsey turning in another very steady performance in central midfield.  He has a great engine and runs tirelessly to help the cause.  He might not be as steady as Arteta but Aaron is proving to be a very valuable member of the team. 

Giroud continues with his goal-per-game form, somewhat fortunate with Arsenal's first but showing a deft touch when setting up Podolski for his second.  As for Lukas, he is an interesting cat.  He is either very good (today) or anonymous.  In typical Wenger fashion, Podolski is not playing in his best position - center forward - but then what to do with Giroud?  There is rumours that Podolski will go back to Germany - which would be ludicrous given how thin the sqaud is.  Which segues to...


At this stage it is almost irrelevant who comes in.  On the bench today:  Zelalem, Gnarby, Sanogo, Frimpong...  Exactly! Bunch of no name kids.  This is ridiculous.  Only Frimpong has a handful of senior games under his belt - or socks - since footballers do not really wear belts, or suspenders...

Thank goodness Sagna was not allowed to leave - he looked very solid alongside the BFG today and both fullbacks (Gibbs and Jenks) played well.


Bring in some size for goodness sake.  The other night there was a moment where Walcott, Wilshere and Cazorla were side by side (by side).  I wasn't sure if was watching a football game or if Snow White was going to make a cameo with four other pint-sized players.  It is hard enough to win with kids, damn near impossible with midgets.


Tuesdays game at home vs. Fenerbache should be a formality; however, we are always one crazy own goal, generous penalty, ridiculous red card, freak injury away from calamity (wait, wasn't that the Aston Villa game last week?).  The real test comes next Sunday, at home to the tiny Totts.  But by then Bale will be gone and we will have signed Benzema, Di Maria, Williams, Cabaye, another goalie, Flamini, Ray Parlour, Messi, Maradona and Pele... or more likey some four foot nothing 16 year Peruvian from the French League 4 - and he will not have a passport.

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