Sunday, September 8, 2013

Corporate Challenge 2013 - Bike Race

Team GE Before the Race
Conditions were perfect for the 15K (nine miles) sprint at 8am this morning.  Not too hot (low 80, slightly humid) and no wind.  We had about 20 cyclists on Team GE, loosely divided into hares, rabbits and lollygaggers.  I was in the second group, coming in at 25 minutes 29 seconds or about 21 MPH average. Our top guys did it in 20:46.  The overall best time was 19:45 or almost 28 MPH average!  That is some serious speed.

I was happy with my time (57th out of 133 in the 40-50 age bracket) and much improved over last year.  Unfortunately as a company we placed seventh out of nine in our division and out of the medals.  So far it has been a tough Corporate Challenge for GE - no top three finishes in any of the events.  That will change this week when our soccer campaign starts.

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