Monday, September 30, 2013

Theater Review: Thank You Jeeves

Our college fresh(wo)man had an assignment to see a local theater production and who would make a better date for the evening other than Pops?  We had been to Stage West in Fort Worth once before to see their rendition of The 39 Steps.  To say the venue is intimate would be an understatement.  It barely accommodates one hundred patrons but of course there is not a bad seat in the house.

Thank You Jeeves is one of the many PG Woodhouse novels featuring the travails and escapades of one Bertie Wooster and his loyal valet Jeeves.  It is perfect for stage, with limited action and lots of snappy and witty dialog.  Woodhouse's creations have been seen on film and maybe more famously on the small screen with Hugh Laurie playing Wooster and Stephen Fry as Jeeves.  These two are what I had mind when entering the theater. 

Mark Shum, who was also in The 39 Steps, was very good as the irrepressible Bertie Wooster.  He was lively, giddy and delivered his many lines in a good prep-school English accent.  Jeeves was played by Jim Covault, who was older than expected but that did not hold him back.  His many level-setting dry remarks back to Bertie garnered the most laughs.  The rest of the cast were forgetable, except Chuffy (who was over-bearing and loud) and Stoker, who looked like Hershel from The Walking Dead.  And we know know what a banjolele is...

It was a long production - almost two and a half hours - but overall very enjoyable.  Here's hoping for an A on the class paper.   Even better than the play was dinner at Torchy's Tacos.   What started in Austin is now in DFW - they have a new location in Southlake.  Can't wait to go again!

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