Monday, September 23, 2013

Saint Invincibles Day

All Arsenal fans / Gooners have come to love the annual rite of spring known as St. Totteringham's Day, that moving holiday when it is mathematically impossible for Sp*rs to finish above the Gunners in the Premiership.  Although Sp*rs scratch and claw, change managers and spend millions, it has been celebrated in each of the last 18 seasons.  In fairness, it has come late in the past couple of years (May) but has been known to happen as early as the second week of March.

Enough picking on the Totts, I prose another holiday, this one in the early part of the season.  It will commemorate the Invincibles of 2003-04, the only team of the modern era to go through an entire EPL season undefeated:  P38  W26  D12  L0

Saint Invincibles Day will be when the last undefeated team in the EPL suffers its first loss.  As of today, only Everton have yet to lose.

This year, Saint Invincibles Day will probably fall on Oct 5th when the Toffee's will likely succumb to Citeh. Gooners around the world will sing and rejoice and regale the young 'uns with tales of the 2003-04 INVINCIBLES... (Although should Everton win, we will also sing and rejoice).

The Invincibles: Brave Jens of the Rhine, Sir Robert of Pires, the bold knave Freddie, the majestic knight Dennis, his Lordship Thierry, gallant PV4, Cole (the Traitor), Reyes the Kicked, Sol the Saved & Unrepentant, The Brazilians Gilberto & Edu, etc.  All banded together under the watchful gaze of Good King Wenger to go unbeaten over nine months of battle!

St. Invincibles Day cometh soon!


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