Thursday, June 30, 2011

RV Trip Part 8 - Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Our last night in the RV was spent where we started, Gallup. While we looked for vestiges of old Route 66, nothing noteworthy was witnessed. The last leg in BB was to drive back to Albuquerque and return it to CrusieAmerica. That went without incident and we bade our home for the last seven days a fond farewell.

We spent a few hours wandering Old Town in Albuquerque. We had lunch in the Church Street Cafe, which is set in a house built in 1706. While the setting was very cool, the food was "meh". I think this was our first meal in a restaurant in over a week. We had become used to quality RV food!

Not long out of Albuquerque, we left the mountains and hills behind and were back on the "flat, treeless, desolate plains". Just west of Amarillo we stopped to leave our mark on that wonderful piece of Americana, the Cadillac Ranch.

Conceived as an art project, in 1974, ten Cadillacs ranging from 1949-63 were buried nose first in a wheat field just outside of Amarillo. They were moved two miles further east along I-20 in 1997 to escape the growth of the city. They are allegedly installed at the same angle as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Art, maybe. Great conversation, definitely.

Sunset on Cadillac Ranch

Tagging the cars with your favorite color spraypaint is encouraged. For the kids, this was a highlight of the trip... and cost nothing.

Initially we had planned to stay the night in Amarillo but we felt since we were back in Tejas, we might as well keep on trucking. Albuquerque to Dallas is 651 miles - so we were dog tired when we rolled into the driveway at 2am on Sunday morning. The journey was complete, some 2900 miles covered in TX, NM, UT, AZ and briefly CO. No major incidents, everyone accounted for, some great memories, I'd call it a success.

Beirne Brightly

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