Sunday, June 19, 2011

RV Trip Part 4 - Zion National Park

The RV park at Waheap was clean, well organized and left us in good spirits as we made the drive towards Zion. Almost immediately we were back in Utah and made a quick stop in Kanab to get some bottled water and sundries. A very picturesque town, numerous westerns and TV shows have been filmed here and apparently it has a strong Mormon backbone (this is Utah after all).

Entering Zion via the two tunnels cut into the mountains is awesome. The first is two lane and short; the second is 1.1 miles long and requires larger vehicles (like RVs) proceed single file. Once you exit, the views of the Zion Canyon valley and the surrounding mountains is simply spectacular and up there with Yellowstone and Yosemite in terms of natural beauty.

Emerging from the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel

We spent most of the the day taking in the vistas and found the park shuttle bus* to be an excellent way to get around (*instituted in the 1990's due to traffic congestion).

The Zion Valley

The valley has been carved over the eons by the Virgin River, which is placid enough in the summer time but can be a raging force in the spring when the snows melt. The park was busy with a lot of organized tours, especially from Germany, England and Australia.

The Virgin River

Friendliest Squirrels West of the Pecos

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