Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ranger Danger

It was like a scene from the Godfather, except the horse was alive. He showed up late, unannounced and plopped himself in Kevin's lap. Unlike the Famous Mr. Ed, he could not speak, but made funny head motions, in some little understood horse language. He stayed all of 30 seconds and I gave his tail a pull as he was leaving. What if it had come off? Would it wriggle around like a gecko's? The last time we saw him, he literally had some young ladies head in his mouth. Don't they feed him?

The day after Kieran's baseball team went from last to first to first to win their baseball Championship, we happened to be a Ranger game. I called ahead, asking that they put "Congrats Rockies" on the scoreboard. They couldn't, but asked where were we sitting and said they would send Captain over in the second inning. We waited impatiently, counting the outs but when by inning # 5, Mr. Captain was a no-show and we had lost hope. I made the mistake of telling the mean old bag sitting beside me that Captain was going to pay a visit. She was beside herself in jealousy and I know she was secretly delighted when Captain did not show... But lo, in the sixth, the horseman cometh... now where is that mean old woman?

And what is about grown men in stuffed animal costumes that makes us smile?

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