Monday, June 13, 2011

Up the Creek

A few weeks back before the weather got too hot (it was 104F today) we dusted off the canoe and took a spin up to a pond near Lake Lewisville. The weather was perfect, no wind, no bugs, not too hot. The "pond" is bayou-esque and we half expected to see an alligator. Rumor is, there are one or two living there. I would not be surprised. We did see some herons and ducks but otherwise we had the place to ourselves. Kevin is good oarsman up front. Kieran figured out how to make it look like he was paddling while we did all the work. Afterwords we hit the Waffle House in Lewisville for a well deserved breakfast. They have excellent bacon and the waffles were not bad either.

The canoe is a 17' aluminium job made by Grumman and seems darn near indestructible. We bought it second hand in Connecticut and I like it a lot although true aficionado's of white water turn up their noses at it. To me it seems kind of cool to be scooting along the water in something that could be an airplane fuselage.

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