Friday, January 28, 2011

Reviews: I only see movies begining with "Tr"

Tron: Legacy. Much better than expected, no fan of the original but this 2010 version was visually satisfying, but a little anemic on plot. Some cool effects, especially the young and old Jeff Bridges. And look up Michael Sheen's bio: Brian Clough, Tony Blair, Cheshire Cat and now Castor in Tron. I believe he has range. I rate it B+

True Grit. Better than advertised. I am a big Coen brothers fan and have most of their films on DVD. This one will join the collection when it is released. I enjoyed the original and was dubious about the Coen's reworking a script that was not theirs... no need to be doubtful. Their retelling is excellent. Very enjoyable, especially the language / dialog and the efforts put forth by Jeff Bridges (the man has true grit) and newcomer Hailee Steinfield as Mattie Ross. I rate it A-

The Dude abides.

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