Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Graph Looks Like My Stock Picks!

They say if you do not like the weather in TX, wait a while. Ordinarily, that is not entirely true. Sometimes the weather here goes for weeks without much change, especially in the dog days of July and August. Not so in the past 72 hours. On Sunday, we were in shorts and outside practicing baseball, getting the winter kinks out for the upcoming season. It was a balmy 75. By this afternoon, a frigid cold front had moved in from Canada and the temperature is now 16F and expected to go to 11F tonight, with a windchill that will make it feel like minus 4 F. That represents a 79F swing in a little more than two days - or from 24C to minus 19C for you metric-heads.

The front last night brought some form of wacky precipitation that was neither hail, sleet nor snow. All I know is that left abut an inch of ice on the roads. We had the oak trees out front trimmed on Saturday and I cannot decide if the timing was good or bad. The ice / snow last year wreaked havoc on their limbs. Time will tell...

Our office delayed opening until 10am. Then at 11am, they announced the office would close at noon. I think if I had risked driving in, I would have been upset at going in for a measly two hours. Fortunately, I stayed home and enjoyed the Gunners 2-1 come from behind win over the Toffees.

And one last weather related note (sort of): congrats to the Red Storm (Redmen) of St. John's, who knocked off the # 3 ranked Duke Blue Devils on Sunday. Another huge step in right direction for the Redmen.

Paris Horne (l.) and Justin Brownlee celebrate as St. John's upsets No. 3 Duke at The Garden.

Photo courtesy of Sipkin / News, NY Daily News

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