Monday, January 17, 2011

A Dish Best Served Cold

Revenge, that is. The New York Jets played mistake-free football and beat the hated New England Patriots 28-21 yesterday. In their stadium, no less. It was payback for the 45-3 pasting the Pats gave the Jets in December. It was payback for some of the mouthing that went on during the week leading up to the game. Yes, the Jets talk a lot but so do the Pats. And why has their coach tripping incident not got the same press as the Jets? Put it down to the ESPN bias to all things New England. It was also partial payback for Mr. "I resign as HC of the NYJ".

When the Jets skidded into the playoffs, it was quickly pointed out that to get to the Super Bowl they would likely face the Colts in Indy, the Pats at Foxborough and the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Well they are two thirds of the way there.

Super Bowl XLV is here in Arlington at Jerryworld. If the Jets make it, I would be tempted to try and get a ticket but the prices would be astronomical. Besides, I did not bring the Rangers any luck in the World Series... and I would miss all the commercials.

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