Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

A few weeks back before the weather turned too hot, we took a spin south to Fort Worth and spent a couple of very enjoyable hours at the Botanical Gardens.  Spring had sprung and everything was blooming great.  We started out with brunch at their restaurant and it was excellent.  There was a birthday party in session for a fine young man celebrating his 102nd year.  The things he has seen...  My friend Ray's mother is 103.  She lives in Kanas but I told Ray if ever she needs a date I have a young 102 year old in Fort Worth who is fit & able.
The gardens are beautifully cultivated and feature a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and more flowers, shrubs and trees than you can imagine exist. We really enjoyed strolling around taking in the sights and scents in a quiet corner of FW.
A well stocked Koi pond.  Sushi anyone?
The Japenese Garden

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