Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Coolest Thing on the Internet

This is the coolest video on ye merrye olde interweb. 

I should know, because I have searched high & low.   Some would call it surfing, wasting time even.  I call it research.  It wasn't easy.  There is a lot of Bieber and Gaga taking up space out there.

But I fought through the nonsense, the ridiculous, the novices and the pretenders. And from the toils of my strenuous labor, here is the fruit.
And this is it.  FIN.  The End.  You can stop here.  I saved everyone a lot of time.  You can thank me later.

Through the magic of YouTube, here is Austinite Gary Clark, Jr. performing his song "Bright Lights" at the Crossroads Blues Festival in Chicago 2010.  Sit back, and crank up that volume.  Loud.

I know... Brilliant, Wunderbar, C'est Magnifique, etc.  Any language you want.  Gary Clark Jr is badass.  Watch it 20 times and you will notice something every time.  And you will fall in love.

He is playing the Belmont in Dallas in August 2012.  The show sold out in three minutes.  He is that good.  You are going to know his name by the end of the night.  Oh yeah.

He is destined to join and surpass such Texas blues guitar greats as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddie King, Albert Collins and Blind Lemon Jefferson.  And Leadbelly.  And T-Bone Walker.

And look for his acoustic stuff where he sounds better than Marvin Gaye.

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