Sunday, April 15, 2012

Movie Review: The Three Stooges

The inner nine year old boy in most men will love this movie, and I count myself in that demographic. The ten and thirteen year-old boys in our house gave it four thumbs up. It is not in any way original but for about 90 minutes provides great diversion, with no shortage of Nyuk-yukking and eye-gouging fun.

The three actors cast in the roles of Larry, Moe and Curley have their mannerisms and looks down to a T. They remain in the 1940's while around them there is the "woy-eld" of Snooki, iPhones and gold-diggers. The plot is a re-hash of the Blues Brothers without the music. Larry David is hilarious as Sister Mary Mengele and the scene with Monsignor "Ratlips" is side-splitting. Sure it drags a little here and there and won't win much at Cannes, but if anyone says this is not entertaining, I quote Moe "Whassamattawidchu?"
The Three Stooges is directed by the Farrelly Brothers, whose previous body of work includes the comedy classics "Dumb & Dumber", the much under appreciated "Kingpin" (Bill Murray is hilarious) and the huge hit "There's Something About Mary".

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