Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why did the Snake cross the Road?

We will never know but right in front of chez Beirne a good size serpent succumbed to a Sequoia and the punchline goes unanswered. My guess is that he was about three to four feet long before he became pancaked. We think it was a rat snake, a non-venomous type but one that vibrates his tail despite not having a rattle and is therefore often confused with his much more dangerous cousin. In some parts this reptile might be considered good eatin' but in the heat of the Texas sun, this roadkill began to stink almost right away. After a few days of roasting on the road and pounded by tires he was obliterated.

There's not a mile of Erin's isle where dirty vermin musters
St. Patrick gathered them all up and murdered them in clusters
The frogs went hop and the toads went plop, slapdash into the water
And the snakes committed suicide to save themselves from slaughter

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