Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Boys of October

There has been a certain symmetry in this love affair with baseball. Within a few months of moving to NYC in 1986, the Mets conquered the wilderness years from 1969 and triumphed over Buckner & Co. Similarly, our move to Connecticut in 2004 coincided with the Red Sox slaying their curse. The Nutmeg state is very much part of the Red Sox nation, no small thanks to ESPN and their Bristol HQ. In 2010, our first full year back in Texas, the Rangers made it to their first ever World Series after seasons of futility. We move to your state and your baseball team is guaranteed success, well sort of...

The Rangers symmetry is as such: I was at the last home game of 2010, there to see the Giants win the W.S. Thanks to a friend at work, I was the first home game of 2011, a tense affair in front of a raucous crowd but the Rangers prevailed. We were at the last regular season home game of 2011, a laugher with an inside the park grand slam home run. This was for Kevin's birthday, the Rangers were already champions of the AL West.

Fiona and her friends were in attendance and unfortunate enough to witness the 9-0 shellacking handed out by the Rays in Game 1 of the ALDS. We went back to the Temple again to see the nail-biter extra-innings ALCS battle with the Tigers, settled by a Nellie Cruz grand slam in the 11th. And after we beat the Cards at their own game in Game 2 in St. Louis, it was time to start eyeing Stubhub again. But last night, Pujols and Co. gave the Rangers a taste of our own boom-stick medicine and have grabbed a 2-1 lead in the best of seven series.

We have two more home games but the Cards now have the momentum and we will need some serious mojo to pull this one out of the fire. Where's this symmetry when you need it?

We need the Dutch Oven (Derek Holland) and his faint little mustache to shut down the Redbirds tonight. Stache Power indeed!!!

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