Friday, November 19, 2010

Sold, Sold, SOLD!!!

Life is about taking opportunities. When I found out there was a classic car auction starting this Friday afternoon, it meant bailing out of work a few hours early and heading down 114 a few miles to Big D.

I was not disappointed. SS Chevelle's, Mustangs, Corvettes, big ol' Caddy's, Studebakers, pick-ups... you name it - they were represented.

The down economy yielded some relative "bargains":

- 1965 Impala convertible - $9,750
- 1954 Chevrolet pick-up - $11,500
- 1965 Olds Cutlass convertible - $8,500

Several 1970's era Corvette's ended up under the hammer for less than $8K.

There were a couple of early 1960's T-Birds. A '64 white coupe was bid up to $15K and did not meet the reserve. One nice thing about the Leake auction compared to Barrett-Jackson, is you could get real close to the cars - even sit in them if you so wished. Most were in excellent shape, with very sharp recent restorations. My old '61 Bird would not show well.

I was only there for about three hours and the most expensive car sold was a silver 1964 Corvette for $39,000.

If I had money, I would have bought about ten, stuck them in a nice garage and wait out the economic doldrums. I'll bet the cars sold today will double or triple in value by 2020.

Three American iconic classics from very different eras
The tailfin of a '57 Chevy Bel Air, the stately 1930 Studebaker President, the wackiness that was the rear fin of a 1970 Plymouth Superbird

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