Thursday, November 11, 2010

Before & After

Cars would be a lot more fun if the dashboard was covered side to side with all sorts of gauges. Kind of like the cockpit of a 747. Gauges for outside humidity, changes in tire pressure, transmission RPM, brake pad wear... the more obscure the measurement, the better!

Since the radio for the Thunderbird is stowed away out of sight in the trunk, it made perfect sense to replace the mundane shiny bird that covered up the slot where the radio should be with some exciting new gauges!



I had to settle for the garden variety oil pressure, engine temp and volt meter... but they beat the heck out of the "idiot lights" that were factory spec in 1961. The installation took me several thoughtful hours in the garage and no fingers were lost or fires started. (I once had a good old smoldering electrical fire going in the Mustang). I think the gaugues in the TBird look pretty good. Drawing 14 volts, engine temp around 190F and at 2200 RPM, I am getting about 50 lbs of oil pressure. (I installed a tachometer as well). Now to find a gauge that measures windshield wiper speed...

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