Sunday, August 15, 2010

San Diego

"Go West, Young Man" instructed Horace Greeley and so we did - but only for a week. We wished it could have been longer, the 75 degree weather in sunny San Diego was a welcome respite from the blast furnace that is Tejas in August. Big D has had two solid weeks of temps over 100F. And so a quick recap of our week in So Cal...
The decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway (1943-1992) was once the largest vessel in the world. The maps in the control tower showing targets in Baghdad reminded us of this ships true purpose. (Click on pic's to enlarge)

The world famous San Diego Zoo. Highlight was the birthday party of the young panda (one year old), complete with a cake made of ice and bamboo. And the Meerkats, of course...

La playa. We went to the beach practically every day. Starting from the south: Imperial Beach (only a few miles from Mexico, but you could never tell. Site of the 2010 US Open Sand Castle Competition); Silver Strand; Coronado - what a hotel!; Ocean and Mission Beaches - surfin' USA; La Jolla, and finally Torrey Pines. Each different, each magnificent.


Balboa Park - we went here several days. One of the largest urban parks in the world. Many great sights, including an auto museum (more on that in a later post) and the coolest model train museum you will ever see.

We spent a day in LA (Dead Loss Angeles - per The Stranglers) where Mrs B's cousin was kind enough to give us a whirlwind tour of Malibu, Bel Air, Beverley Hills and Hollywood. A day was enough. Very crowded and when traffic is crawling on a Saturday afternoon on a freeway that has seven lanes in one direction... it is time to get of Dodge, or even "We boned down Vernon, make a right on Normandie..."

Favorite spot: the view of La Jolla and the expanse of the Pacific from the Birch Aquarium. French Riviera-esque. Why go to Europe when we have THIS?

And we squeezed in Legoland, Mission San Diego, an afternoon in the mountains and a Padres game.

Say what you will about CA's political leanings (The Left Coast, The Land of Fruits and Nuts, etc.) and fiscal crisis, coastal California is beautiful and at various times on our vacation we discussed the CA job market, real estate situation there. Who wouldn't?
Finally, take a listen to this John Mayall / Johnny Almond masterpiece:

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