Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer in Southlake

It has not rained in Big D for what seems at least six or seven weeks. Typical Texas summer. Running the sprinkler every other day to keep the grass from turning brown. Why bother? It dies back in the fall anyway... This whole keeping the lawn green thing is such a waste. We had 18 straight days in Aug where the daytime high was over 100F, that's 38C+ for you metric-heads. The streak broke on Tues when it only got to 99F but Weds was back to 102F and we expect at least another week of triple digits.

Summer in Southlake and Texas is like winter up north; people don't venture out much unless they have to.

A couple of weeks back around 4.30am we heard water pelting against the bedroom window. Convinced we were getting an early morning thunderstorm, I rolled over and back to sleep contentedly. Mrs. B advised in the morning that it was not rain. Ever vigilant, she actually got up to investigate and diagnosed a busted sprinkler head outside. The following Saturday I was happy to dig out the leaking head and screw in a new one. $4 part at Lowes. I like doing these kind of repairs but in Southlake-land it is practically verboten to do such menial work. New Money dictates calling in a contractor for the simplest of tasks. Southlakers would prefer to be at Nordstroms or bringing the Lexus in for a service. So it was inevitable that "Southlake" has been replaced in my vocabulary by "SouthFlake" or "SouthFake". Fake tan, fake teeth, fake t... well, you get the point. Let's keep this thing PG rated.

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