Sunday, July 25, 2010

How does your garden grow?

The Texas weather must have been perfect for fruit trees this year. I should have taken photos of the back yard about three weeks ago. Back then the apple tree was laden with fruit, its boughs trailing on the grass under the weight of literally hundreds of ripening apples. By now, most have either been picked by the family or have fallen to the ground, gathered up and thrown away. The amount we had to jettison was such that the garbage men have struggled to heave the garbage can into the truck.

The peach tree had hardly any fruit last year but this year has done an admirable job in competing with its apple neighbor. Mrs B. has been busy in the kitchen making apple crisp and peach cobbler, etc., all of which has been delicious.

The crape myrtles are all in full bloom but only a few flowers are left on the magnolia. When the petals fall off a small single seed remains. It is about the size of a grape and falls off after a few days. I have noticed Tex chewing on them under the shade of the magnolia tree. There is no rationalizing what goes on in that Beagles head.

Back Yard Survey - Late July - click to enlarge

Fun facts for you kids playing along at home:
- There are 7,500 different apple varities
- Peaches orginated in China
- The crape myrtle also originated in China and there are over 50 species
- There are about 210 flowering species of magnolia

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