Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Omens for Sheep Stealers.

Omen # 1. Every evening this week as I drove up to the house, the Roscommon flag was waving proudly in the Texas breeze. It was not sagging or wrapped around the pole. It was defiant and poised. And so too shall Roscommon be on Sunday, as the Senior Team takes on the Rebel county, giving Cork a taste of what the Magpies got two weeks ago.

A brilliant post from Buckyhoy on
"The Rossie Team should go in heads held high and expect to win. The same tenacity and dogged determination on display against Sligo will be there again in relentless waves on Sunday. Cork will not know what hit them. Controlled aggression and passion for the primrose & blue, from #1 through #15. The Connacht Champs will prevail by winning every loose ball, closing down their man and forcing mistakes, taking advantage of scoring opportunities. A smart, fast passing game that finds the open man. This is about character, optimism, self belief and teamwork. The Rossies have all this in abundance. We will be focused and fight for 70 minutes like a pack of wild underdogs. Another great upset is on the cards. We have something Cork does not, nor never will: Dermot Earley is on our side. That is better than luck."
Wait, didn't I post that?

Omen # 2. My first time to see Roscommon play in Croke Park was 1979. Against who? Cork. And who won? Roscommon.

Omen # 3. Our next door neighbors here in TX are from Sweden. Color of Swedish flag? Primrose and Blue (So what if they don't know yellow as primrose?) Okay, I am s t r e t c h i n g things here... but I am very hopeful Donie Shine & co. will rise to the occasion. And thank goodness for Setanta streaming it live over the Internet.

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