Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quite not is all on New Year's Day

Welcome 2015.  Big D got some welcome precipitation this morning in the form of freezing rain that gave all the tree branches a natural glisten - the same effect we all try to get by draping our homes in Christmas lights.  This photo of a winter wonderland with green leaves, red berries and icicles was not taken in Vermont but in our back yard today.

We love rain - any rain - in Texas.  Down on the Willow City Loop, a beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country, there is a sign outside a ranch that says: " A good rain and a baby calf are always welcome".Ain't that the truth?
One New Years Resolution is already underway:  blog more.  Another is put more miles on the bike. Maybe pass 5000 on the odometer in 2015?

And some things remain the same: Arsenal and St. John's both start out the year with a loss.  Yet, I think 2015 will be a good year... Bhliain nua sásta y'all!

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