Thursday, October 31, 2013

Like the night before Christmas, only better...

Our Beloved Redman Mascot -
torn away by the PC Nazi's
Excitement abounds on the online message boards as the 2013-14 college basketball season is about to tip off.  There are high hopes in St. John's Redmen, I mean Red Storm land (old habits die hard...).  The Big East conference has been reshaped and those nasties from UConn and Syracuse booted out.  What is left is largely the old Big East Catholic schools: SJU, Seton Hall, Gerogetown, Providence, Marquette, Seton Hall and DePaul.  Also coming in are two Jesuit centered schools Xavier and Creighton.  The tenth member is Butler, who are agnostic except when down by seven with less than a minute to play.  Fox Sports is carrying almost all of the games to a nationwide audience. These are truly exciting times for college basketball.

Compounding the eager anticipation is the fact that the Redmen, I mean Red Storm, look very good on paper.  Leading scorer from last year, D'Angelo Harrison is back and is vowing to keep his brittle temprament in check.  Our big blocker, Obekpa is back.  Big East Rookie of the Year, Jakaar Sampson is back.  We have recruited a blue chip point guard, Rasheed Jordan (yeah, like anyone named Jordan can be any good).  We have the great names of God'sGift and Sir'Dominic coming back.  The 24 year manchild (but not yet professional, really) Dominican Sanchez has been cleared to play.  And finally, we have a redshirt transfer from Harvard with the greatest name in all of basketball: Max Hooper.  His job is to shoot threes and threes only.  The headlines will write themselves!

SJU has two exhibition games this weekend before heading west to take on the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin (preseason rank # 20) on Friday Nov 8th.  We don't need no stinkin' Badgers...

Let's hope this talented group of Redmen Johnnies can emulate the past greats of Mullin, Berry, Jackson, et al.  LET'S GO ST. JOHN'S!!

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