Wednesday, May 22, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast...

Rabbits are renowned for their ability to reproduce but you will never hear anyone say "He was as smart as a rabbit", unless of course they are referring to Bugs Bunny.  Case in point, Mrs. Wascally Wabbit who in the throes of motherhood decided that our front lawn would make an ideal home for her brood. We noticed one evening a small clearing in the grass and upon closer inspection what appeared to be a scraped hole smaller than a dinner plate and marginally covered with dead grass and fur. Intrigued, I gently pulled back the covering, ready for Mr Snake or Armadillo.

Instead, there were these black naked sausages, which for all we knew were moles or maybe nasty rats.  We covered them back up and Mrs B mentioned she had seen a rabbit around front the previous evening.

A few days later and after another inspection and a Google image search, we felt reasonably sure they were rabbits.

We pulled one little fellow out to pose with Fiona for her prom.

This evening, we decided to take another look and when I pulled back the covering, five little bunnies came scampering out and hopped off in every direction, while at least two more stayed in the "burrow". We managed to track the escapees down (they could not get too far in long grass) and literally shoved them back in their tiny hovel and covered them up again.  At this stage we are resolved to let nature take its course...

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