Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Book Review: The Long Snapper

Some guy retires from pro-football and becomes a teacher.  Finds God.  Misses the excitement of the game.  Yawn.  Gets a call from the Patriots to come out of retirement to be their long snapper - the player whose sole job is to fire the ball from the line of scrimmage back to the kicker / punter and then block the defence.  Not exactly the star of the show but an important cog in the machine.

Snapper man has doubts about his abilities.  Snore.  Practices alone.  Late at night.  In hotel room.  Really, he snaps the ball into pillows!  Misses wifey.  Sigh.  Gets the yips.  Needs encouragement.  Gets yelled at by Belichick (high point of book). Patriots win Super Bowl on last minute field goal. Groan.  Wifey and kids think he is just wonderful. Thanks God (not realizing God is a Jets fan). Even those whose cross to bear is that of being a  Patriots fan couldn't deal with this syrup...    Grade:  D-  (F, if you root for the Pats)

(Watch for my next review of a football book; hint, it involves a Jets QB from the 1960's, 180 degrees from snapper-man).

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