Friday, January 6, 2012

Went to a fight and a hockey game broke out

What is up with the NHL? No more drop-the-gloves, pull-the-jersey-over-his head mauling on skates? This isn't the Olympics. This is the regular season, we expect fights. Why would the refs pull them apart? We paid good money to see blood, teeth knocked out, etc. High sticking, five minute penalties, smashed glass. Where's the fun? Well, it was fun but it could be even more fun. The fans want to chant "Fight, Fight, Fight" and bay for aggression. Too much finese and not enough testosterone. That's what you get with too many Canadians and Swedes. Where have you gone, Tie Domi? (Tie was actually Canadian, so blame the Swedes).

Hilarious during the intermission when there were about 20 seven year old kids on the ice playing at least three games at once since some wiseacre threw three pucks out there to cause confusion.

The Stanley Cup banner looks nice but it might be awhile before the Stars get another. Good young team but no enforcer. Where's the reducer?

The Stars moved to Dallas from Minnesota in 1993 and by the end of the 1998 season had won the big pot. A story goes that the Stanely Cup ended up in a Dallas swimming pool during a post-victory party. Those were the days - and they sure as hell allowed fighting. Where's my Slapshot DVD?

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