Monday, September 5, 2011

Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire...

Give me that which I desire: Taco's. Fuel City Tacos to be precise.

Mexican fast finger food doesn't get any better than the tacos served at Fuel City just west of downtown Dallas and 15 mins from work. This little place with walk up windows only is housed inside a gas station. Not one of those rundown gas stations or one one of those greasy taco joints either. The gas station is clean and modern, the taco "stand" more a well kept kitchen.

The menu is simple: beef (three kinds), chicken and pork. Choice of flour or corn tortillas - fresh made, small like the palm of your hand. Recommend you get all the toppings. Ever indecisive, I had one of each: beef, chicken amd pork. While I am no connoisseur of tacos, I can wholeheartedly say there were the bast damn tacos I ever had. Just enough zing, just enough zest, picante y caliente, muy bien. And the price? A whopping $1.40 each. How's that for a budget buster? If they need a spokesman / endorsement (for a years supply of tacos) I am available.

Texas Monthly, Dallas Observer, D Magazine have all named Fuel City has having the best tacos in Big D. Who am I disagree?

Outside the Fuel City gas station is the senorita purveying the finest Cup of Corn that $1.25 can buy. She works a street cart and is set up to complement the tacos. Man, this is just awesome. She layers in hot corn kernels into a Styrofoam cup and adds a concoction of butter, chili powder, cream, white cheese, hot sauce... and sticks a spoon where the straw goes in the lid... it is delicious and deadly.

Tacos, corn in a cup, all washed down with a Dr. Pepper. Cue post lunch nap at desk.

Adjacent to Fuel City is a field of longhorns, hanging out, chewing the cud, watching traffic. Daydreaming about Bevo and corn in a bucket.

As you leave the Fuel City parking lot and head back for I35, there is a nice view of the Dallas skyline. Y'all come back now... Amen to that.

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