Monday, August 22, 2011

Movie Review: The Guard

Brendan Gleeson as Sgt. Gerry Boyle ("The Guard") sets out to do for the "Wesht" of Ireland what Harry Callahan did for San Francisco. Instead of "Are you feeling lucky punk?" we get some very funny repartee between Boyle and his FBI straight man played by Don Cheadle, (e.g. "I thought black people couldn't ski? Or is that swim?") as they chase some drug-dealing villains across Galway.

Although most of the best lines are in the trailer and the plot is a bit predictable, it is saved by an excellent performance by Gleeson and his onscreen chemistry with Cheadle. Also notable is the scene-stealing Fionnula Flanagan as Boyle's mother. The kid with bike and dog are also charming.

I cannot quite recall how the line was delivered in the movie but in the trailer, the woman when seeing Don Cheadle at her door shouts "Ta fear gorm ar an doras". "Gorm" is blue, not black... Maybe an inside joke? Still, The Guard is well worth seeing.

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