Saturday, May 21, 2011

Future Hall of Famer?

Pleased with Roscommon's trouncing of New York on May 1, the next day Kevin and I decided to venture north to Cooperstown, NY, to the shrine of all that is baseball. The origins of our national pastime are in dispute; the game can be traced back to England, but the powers that be in baseball have decided it was invented by Abner Doubleday and was first played in Cooperstown in 1838... notwithstanding that Doubleday was not in Cooperstown in 1838 and no-one ever heard him speak of baseball. Well, the Hall of Fame has to be somewhere, why not a bucolic village smack dab in the middle of New York State?

We once visited there about 20 years ago and I seem to remember more memorabilia, like players bats, gloves and jerseys, no to say that there is not still plenty of that. I also thought the plaques were bigger, but I'll put that down to things seeming more expansive in youth...

Here are some of the highlights:

Kevin with the Babe; Not in the HoF but still Pete Rose has a display

Ted Williams Batting Average by Pitch Placement; Tom Seaver Display

The 1936 First Class (Mathewson, Ruth, Johnson, Cobb, Wagner); The Big 3: Ruth, Beirne, Williams

Doubleday Field; Rangers Fans outside the Hall of Fame

There is already precedent for a Kevin Beirne making it in the bigs (albeit with limited success):

Who knows, maybe one day our budding young third baseman will be enshrined in Cooperstown?

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