Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

It is as American as Chevrolet, Fourth of July fireworks and Apple iPods. I write, of course, of the the great tradition that is the neighborhood garage sale. Our semi annual event was last weekend and what a joyous time we had. We jettisoned more "stuff" than you could shake a stick at and got cold hard cash in the process. We practically gave some items away (kids books @ ten cents each!) but just seeing someone load a box full of Hardy Boys into their minivan was a sight for sore eyes. Old gas BBQ, Foosball table, clothes, shoes, books etc. were hauled to the curb at 7am and by 11am, most of the "treasure" was sold. The $ bills and loose change gained sits in a plastic cup in the kitchen. I hope it will be spent wisely... The key to a really successful garage sale is to devise a way to stop new stuff from infiltrating the house over the next 6 months... It is amazing how you grow into the available space. In my mind, less is more.

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