Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who is going to tell Jerry?

Per Yahoo News today, "Charlotte Motor Speedway and Panasonic announced Tuesday they are installing the world's largest HD video board along the backstretch of the track in time for next year's Coca-Cola 600... it proves that not everything is bigger in Texas, as the video board is bigger than the one at Cowboys Stadium, which replaced the video board at Darrell K. Royal Stadium at the University of Texas as the largest HD screen".

I am a sports nut and here is my two cents: big screens belong at the movies or at home, not in the stadium or at the race track.

Fifi and I first took in the grandeur of the new Cowboy Stadium (a/k/a JerryWorld) last summer at the Sir Paul McCartney concert. It is a palace. Other opportunities came when the Southlake High School football team made the playoffs. Let me tell you, that big ol' Texas size screen that runs from 20 yard line to 20 yard line. It is big ass. It becomes a distraction. Look at the photo below, if that sucker fell, a good chunk of the Carroll HS Band would be left rather bruised...

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